About Us.

MNIAM: the word we all know but just can’t define.

Is it the mouthwatering sensation we feel building up when a hot meal approaches us?
Is it the snap-crackling, fleeting joy we feel when we pick up the spoon?
Is it the feeling of wonder and magic churning in our bellies when we take the first bite?

Isn’t it all of that?

MNIAM is our state of mind. It’s the feeling of pure content we could feel and of wonder generating in us at the thought of good food and drink, and it’s our mission to bring that feeling to life with you, with the help of our state-of-the-art audio/visual technology, when you look at our food.

We believe in the magic that is MNIAM.
We believe that, with our work, you will too.

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Jacek Szymański

Ronald Koetzier

Nick Sawyer

Mieszko Socha

Saba Gaziyani

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kuba@mniam.tv  mob/whatsapp +48 790 659 140

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zosia@mniam.tv mob/whatsapp +48 579 511 217

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Mniam tv Sp. z o.o.

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