We like our job and we like to work together. Our team is constantly expanding and we are working on new projects, which means we are continually learning new things. We are excited with technical advances and follow trends, however, we are aware of the fact that in this job this is the product that is the most important. We show it in a functional, but innovative, way as we believe that the mixture of creativity and best practices works perfectly.

We are honoured to cooperate with exceptional directors – experts in the field of professional product presentation. Thanks to them, we create films and photographs of the best quality. You can find them below.


Jacek Szymański Versatile Director

He graduated from the National Film School in Łódź (he studied film and TV production there). Jacek started with directing video clips for Polish musicians. The work with such short movies allowed him to create his own style, whereas the passion for cooking made him focused on culinary products` projects: starting from documentaries to advertising. Jacek is enthusiastic when it comes to working on every type of projects. He is also open to proposals and creative discussions. He likes challenges.

Tomek Siatkowski Versatile Director

A versatile director and photographer of product photos who specializes in table top projects. He has been cooperating with Mniam Production Studio since the very beginning. Through the years, he has worked out his own product presentation style. His movies and photos are described as very modern and fresh despite the author`s huge experience. When it comes to contacts with customers, Tomek is open and direct; he prefers non-obvious solutions. He worked for such brands as: McDonald’s, KFC, Nescafe, Danone, Lech, Winiary, and many more.

Jurek Dytkiewicz Versatile Director

Experienced director and enthusiast of advertising and product films. He specializes in film presentations of food and table top. He has head full of ideas, approaches each product unconventionally, telling a unique story. Perfectionist when it comes to refining details. In film production, he eagerly experiments, uses non-standard camera motion and searches for new solutions.

Olaf van Gerwen Versatile Director

He comes from Netherlands, studied social sciences and audiovisual production. After graduation, he took up directing television films and music clips. He worked as an editor in the advertising industry, learning storytelling and getting to know the production process of advertising films. He has been directing TV commercials for over 15 years, he has also been involved in the making of his own films. As a great enthusiast of photography, he specializes in creating images that please the eye. He works mainly with clients from the food and drink industry, he shoots a lot of table top, lifestyle imagery and does visual storytelling.

Ronald Koetzier Versatile Director

He is said to be the pioneer of high speed motion control in the advertising industry. He has been dealing with directing product films for both local and international brands for more than 20 years. He likes to describe himself as the “image engineer” as every detail is his films is well-conceived: starting from the light, colours to special effects. He is versatile. What is more, he is not afraid to take up difficult tasks – they motivate him to work. He worked in more than 30 countries worldwide and his advertising spots and professional product demos brought him dozens of multinational awards.